KESSv2 Master: KESSv2 Master Tuning Kit: TRUCK Protocol Activation

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KESSv2 Master Tuning Kit: TRUCK Protocol Activation


This package includes the KESSv2 MASTER hardware and TRUCK Protocol activation.

KESSv2 allows you to read and write to the ECU by connecting the tool to the diagnostic port using the supplied connector. The MASTER version allows you to read the stock ECU file unencrypted; then once you have modified the file, you can flash the file back to the ECU with automatic checksum correction. The MASTER hardware gives you the flexibility to manage your own files.

Included with the hardware are the following: 

  • 144300K201 - KESSv2 Universal cable
  • 144300KCAN - KESSv2 OBDII cable
  • USB 2.0 cable

All tools include a 12 month subscription for FREE updates.

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Part Numbers: 14P600KV01, 14P600KV03