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ECM Titanium Calibration Software


ECM Titanium is the editing software that allows you to view and modify the maps of the stock files found inside the Engine Control Unit, also known as ECU, DME, PCM or MCM.  With Titanium, this is achieved easily and with great reliability.

After using either the KESSv2 or KTAG to read the file from the ECU, the stock file is uploaded to Titanium. Once uploaded, Titanium will compare your file against the ever-growing number of files in our Database to find a match. Once the match is found, you will be provided with the Definition File or “map” contained in the ECU. Within the map, you will be able to modify and adjust the parameters in order to increase engine performance or simply to save on fuel consumption.

Titanium is a standalone product, contained on a USB, that works on any PC without installing any software. With 8 GB of memory you will be able to save your original files, modified files, and the drivers downloaded from Alientech database in one easy to use location.  

Table View

Many find this is the easiest way to view the data. It is represented in a straightforward format of Rows and Columns. You can quickly and effectively edit the values found within the maps by clicking on the desired map and editing the intersection of parameters on the two axes.  Here you can modify the values directly on the physical maps, such as Fuel/Air/Nm/Bar/etc.

2-Dimensional View

Data is processed in 2D. Through this graphical display you can search and modify the data in the ECU by working on a single map, single byte or any map contained in the file.

ECM 3D view

3-Dimensional View

The new 3D graphics interface allows you to work with the map data found in the driver. You can manage the file with features like: zoom, rotate and modify the values directly from the graphics window.


Hexadecimal View

All files of an ECU have a hexadecimal structure. This system of numerical representation is widely used in computer science for its direct relationship between a hexadecimal digit and four binary digits. With the hex window you can interpret and change the file structure directly at its root address.


It is a sequence of bits that are used to verify data integrity. Every time you act on a single bit, ECM Titanium interprets and corrects the control sequence. In this way, whether you're working in real-time or sending a file to another device, you know that everything has been checksum-corrected prior to flashing to the ECU.

Automatic Updates

We are constantly improving Titanium with new file definitions, as well as, developing further maps to files that we have already mapped. With our frequent software releases, you are guaranteed the most accurate upgrades which are necessary for creating your best tuning. Each time the Titanium USB is plugged into your PC, the latest software and updated list of drivers are automatically installed to the program ensuring that you always have the most complete and up-to-date information prior to tuning.


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