Alientech USA - New Drivers For ECM Titanium - Bosch MEDV17.2.3

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New Drivers For ECM Titanium - Bosch MEDV17.2.3

Another upgrade - very important - from the development department for ECM Titanium.

We uploaded in our databank new drivers developed for vehicles equipped with MEDV17.2.3 ECUs.


We selected the driver of a MINI COOPER S JCW (F56) 2000 i 16v Turbo 231CV

>> Overview of 71 maps available you can modify with this driver.

Lista ENG ok

  >> 3D Ignition advance map

Anticipo 3D

 >> 3D Optimal torque Map

Coppia ottimale 3D

 >> 2D View - Variable Valve Timing 2D Map

Fasatura variabile 2d

 >> Tab View - Injection Map

Iniezione TAB

 >> Tab View - Torque limiter for gear Map

Limitatore marcia tab