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K-Suite 3.04

Thanks to your help, we identified some software bugs in the K-Suite recently released.

The reports you gave us were very helpful and let our developers, who worked at full pace in the last few weeks, to release an update where we introduced the following features:

  • K-Suite resizing. In the setting menu, it’s now possible to adapt the software K-Suite to the size of the screen.
  • Increased download speed of the updates. It will be possible to achieve a download speed up to 600 Kb/s.
  • Reduced RAM usage resulting in performance improvement of the K-Suite software.
  • Introduced saving of the last selected vehicle for programming with KESSv2 and K-TAG. Restarting the software, the last selected vehicle will be highlighted in yellow.
  • Updated vehicle list
  • Added 1321 Original Files dedicated to BMW for Virtual Reading
We’ve also introduced the Quick Start Guide. To easily and quickly learn how to use the new K-Suite, from now on you can download a brief tutorial. This document will guide you step by step through the software features: from the main menu settings to the programming of a vehicle with KESSv2 and K-TAG.

We would also like to thank you for your many downloads of the software and we hope that you’re enthusiastic about this update as much as we are, since it marked an important tu(r)ning point in the development of K-Suite.

We will continue to carefully take account of your reports and requests to constantly improve our software in order to improve the quality of your work.