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Ford Ranger 3.09

17 K-Suite 3.09

Today, we are introducing significant innovations regarding KESSv2 and K-TAG, which will provide new functions and tools to improve your work on many vehicles.

New protocols for KESSv2 and K-TAG


From now on, you’ll be able to work in OBD on Ford equipped with Continental SID208 and SID209, like 2017 Ford Ranger T6, and on the VAG equipped with Bosch MED17.1.1, Bosch MED17.1.62 and Bosch MED17.1.61, like 2018 Audi TT RS.
Also, new protocol via OBD even for GMC equipped with ECU Delco E86e, for example 2018 Chevrolet Silverado.


Microcontrollers involved in this update:


The update involves not only Cars, but also Bikes and Tractors, some of these vehicles are brand new and awaited, like 2018 Suzuki GSXR-1000.


Possible connections on KESSv2 and K-TAG

OBD OBD Patch OBD Password OBD Virtual Reading Boot OBD Boot
Direct Connection

News for KESSv2 and K-TAG

VehicleEcuECU VersionMicroMakeMethod
Ac Delco E86 TC1797 Chevrolet
Bosch MED17.1.1 M&S TC1797 Audi
Bosch MED17.1.61 TC1793 Audi
Bosch MED17.1.62 TC1793 Audi
Continental SID208 TC1797 Land Rover
Continental SID208 TC1797 Ford
Continental SID209   Ford
Continental SIM2K-241  TC1767 Hyundai
Continental SIM2K-241 TC1738 Hyundai
Continental SIM2K-241  TC1767 Kia
Continental SIM2K-260   Hyundai
Continental SIM2K-260   Kia
Continental SIM2K-305   Hyundai
Continental SIM2K-305   Kia
Continental SIM2K-341 TC1738 Hyundai
Delphi DCM3.7   Chevrolet
Delphi DCM3.7   Daihatsu
Delphi DCM3.7   Holden
Delphi DCM3.7   Seat
Delphi DCM3.7   Seat
Delphi DCM3.7   Skoda
Delphi DCM3.7   Volkswagen
Denso 112431-4840   Scion
Denso 112431-4840   Subaru
Denso 112431-4840   Toyota
Denso 275036-1150 76F0039GD Toyota
Denso 275036-5280 (CAN) 76F0085 Toyota
Denso MB279700-9621   Volvo
Denso SH1   Mazda
Denso SH72543   Subaru
Hitachi DEF003 SH72543 Subaru
Transtron 4Jxx   Isuzu
Transtron 4Jxx   Isuzu
Valeo V50   Dacia
Valeo V50   Renault
Valeo VD46.1   Peugeot
Denso 32920-17Kxx   Suzuki
Denso 32920-17Kxx TC   Suzuki
Caterpillar A5X12I1   Orvex
CNH KUBOTA 1851862-30   Case Ih
Delphi DCM3.3 SH72543 JCB
Denso 275722-7380   Kubota