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2018 Toyota Hilux


New software update! Many new vehicles supported by KESSv2 including new gen Toyota Hilux and Land Cruiser Prado!

Only with the updated version 3.17 of K-Suite you’ll be able to read and write in OBD the ECU Denso 89666-0K of the Japanese brand Toyota.

  • ECU Denso 89666-0Kxxx Micro D76F019xxx: Virtual Reading and writing supported by KESSv2!

No new accessory needed: just make sure you have an active subscription and an updated tool to have all the new protocols and to reprogram in OBD the ECUs of Toyota.


New vehicles supported by KESSv2:

ECU BrandECU VersionMicroMakeModelProtocol
Denso 89666-0Kxxx D76F019xxx Toyota Fortuner 653
Denso 89666-0Kxxx D76F019xxx Toyota Hiace 653
Denso 89666-0Kxxx D76F019xxx Toyota Hilux 653
Denso 89666-0Kxxx D76F019xxx Toyota Innova 653
Denso 89666-0Kxxx D76F019xxx Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 653

Why download the new K-Suite V3?

As of 03.23.2018 the software K-Suite Version 2 doesn’t include the checksum updates and all the new protocols developed: this means that if you keep using the version 2.47, you won’t be able to read and write with KESSv2 and K-TAG all the new supported vehicles such as Toyota Hilux, Nissan Leaf, Dodge RAM and Volvo Denso VEA or the TCU DSG MQB of VAG vehicles.
If you want to stay updated and get the best out of your tools, we warn you against using the old software K-Suite 2.47 and suggest you update to the new software version 3.17.