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2015 Suzuki Jimny 1.3L 16V VVT 85PS

Today's study is a focus on Suzuki Jimny, which mounts a 1.3L 16V VVT engine with 85PS and ECU DENSO 076JX.

Jimny was born in Japan, in 1970: it was called LJ10 and had an air-cooled 2-stroke twin engine; it was launched in Italy in the beginning of the 80’s with the name LJ10 (also known as SJ20) and four 800 cc cylinders (four strokes).

The “suzukino” (small Suzuki), as it was called in Italy due to its small dimensions (just exceeding three meters in length), was built on a side-member chassis suitable for off-road driving: in addition to the four driving wheels, the car was originally provided with a reliable leaf spring suspension system, low range gearbox and 16-inch wheels.

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2014 BMW i8 1500 16v Turbo 362PS Hybrid

BMW i8 is the first model introduced in 2009 as BMW Concept Vision Efficient Dynamics, and its sporty and captivating design stems from the concept car BMW M1.

This small 1.5L 3-cylinder supercharged engine has direct gasoline injection and is capable of generating 223PS (220Hp) and 300Nm (221 ibxft) torque that, coupled to the power electric propeller pushing the front axle, can generate 96KW (131PS and 129HP) and 250Nm (184 lbxft), and enables to reach a total power of 260kW (354PS e 349hp) and 550Nm (406 lbxft).

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mazda 4 modelli

2015 Mazda MX5 2.0L 16V SkyActive-G 160PS

Today’s study is a focus on Mazda MX5 equipped with engine 2.0L 16V SKYACTIV-G featuring 160PS and ECU DENSO.

MX-5 was produced in four generations, identified with VIN number NA (1989–1997), NB (1998–2005), NC (2005–2015 and ND (2015-in course of production).

Compared to the previous one, the fourth generation of MX-5 is 105 mm shorter and is provided with a new body design that recalls the style of the contemporary Mazda Kodo Design, weights about 100kg less thanks to the use of composite materials with an estimated vehicle unladen weight of about 1,000 kg and is equipped with two SkyActive-G 1.5 cc 2L direct injection propellers controlled through a manual or automatic six-speed gearbox.

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2015 Ducati Scrambler 803cc 74HP

2015 Ducati Scrambler 803cc 74HP

Today’s study is a focus on Ducati Scrambler equipped with 74HP 803 cc Twin Engine plus ECU Siemens VDO M3C.

Scrambler by Ducati is a historical model of the Ducati brand; production of the first series started in 1962 and terminated in 1976 with 125, 250, 350 and 450cc cylinder capacities. After about 40 years, Ducati has decided to revive the Scrambler project and create a totally new motorcycle which could also adhere to the scrambler concept of its “ancestor". (Ducati Scrambler 1962).

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ford f150 explorer

FORD 3.5 V6 EcoBoost 370PS

Fifth (MY2013) and sixth (MY2016 facelift) generation Ford Explorer.

It's a SUV... a wonderful and big SUV! For those who like the category, of course! For many aspects, it is similar to its cousin Lincoln Navigator, even though it doesn't feature the same comfortable and expansive Lincoln's optionals.

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mietitrebbia ecm

Claas Lexion 770 16L V8 586PS

Today we will talk about a very special and expensive heavy-duty vehicle, which is used every day on fields around the Alientech headquarter for rice and wheat growing: Claas Lexion 770 mounts a 16L Mercedes-Benz engine equipped with Temic control unit.

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land rover

Powergate3 - 1.37

Powergate3 is our latest tool. But in just a few years it has become a benchmark for the ECU tuning world. The reasons are many: above all, versatility, reliability and the option to be customized, features did allow the retailer to create his own "users' network", accor ding to the requests of the business; in addition, we Periodically update the available vehicles - for car, bike and tractor - to rise and increase the interest in this business more and more.

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ecm titanium toyota

Toyota Tundra 5700 V8 VVT-i 381PS / Toyota Camry 2400 V6 VVT-i 145PS

Today's study is a focus on two Toyota gasoline cars and the new generation drivers that our driver development department has conceived for them.
In particular, we will concentrate on these two vehicles:

- 2013 TOYOTA TUNDRA 5700 V8 VVT-i 381 PS

- TOYOTA CAMRY 2400 V6 VVT-i 145 PS

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honda civic 1 6 ecm ok

2015 Honda Civic 1.6L i-DTEC 120PS

Today’s analysis focuses on a Honda Civic equipped with the 1.6L i-DTEC 120CV Euro 6 engine and Bosch EDC17C58 control unit.Let us now look at the Honda Civic’s history.

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nissan qashqai

2015 Nissan Qashqai 1.6L 16V dCi 130PS

Today's study focuses on a Nissan Qashqai supporting with a 1.6L 16V dCi 130PS Euro 6 motor and a Bosch EDC17C84 control unit.

Nissan Qashqai (in Japan called Dualis (デュアリス) is an automobile falling within the crossover category, namely a mixture between a medium-sized sedan and a SUV, which has been made since the end of 2006 by Nissan, in Europe.

A crossover SUV (also called CUV acronym of Crossover Utility Vehicle) or XUV, is a traditional automobile (almost always with Station Wagon bodywork but also a two-volume sedan) featuring the characteristics, mostly aesthetic, of a Sport Utility Vehicle. In some cases, this word is also used to identify some recent models with profiled bodywork, almost like a coupé, but with four or five doors and a raised vehicle body similar to the body of a SUV. An example of this is represented by the BMW X6.

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mercedes benz g63 amg v8 light

2015 Mercedes G 63 AMG 5500 Twinturbo

Today we focus on a Mercedes-Benz G Class with a 5.5L 32v V8 Turbo petrol engine supporting a Bosch MED17.7.5.

The G Class is an off-road\SUV that has made history from 1979 and still nowadays is present in the market of new cars with the W463 series, a vehicle totally re-designed and inspired to its more “sporty sisters” like the Mercedes SLS. The design changed its off-road approach to a more sportive appeal, thanks to its set-up, the 7 gear G TRONIC automatic transmission and its four-wheel-drive system with possibility to activate or deactivate the differential.

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