Powergate 3 CAR: Powergate 3+ CAR

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Powergate 3+ CAR


Personal OBD Handheld Device for flashing directly to the vehicle’s ECU.

Includes one OBD cable and one micro USB cable.

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New Design and Improved Technical Features

  • The Powergate 3+ allows you to remotely tune your customer's vehicle by emailing them encrypted files. This allows you to expand your customer base beyond your immediate reach.
  • The new PG3+ can be personalized using the supplied Alientech Manager Software. With this interface, you can upload personalized images and icons creating a “private label” appearance. Multi-language format is available.
  • Portable, Flexible and Totally Customizable. Expanding your business and your network have never been so easy.
  • The PG3+ has been upgraded to include an HD color touchscreen and navigation of the menu becomes effortless due to the bright and colorful icons.
  • Thanks to increased memory, it is now possible to store the original file and up to five modified files inside the tool.
  • Your PG3+ automatically updates when connected to the Internet guaranteeing the tool has the most up to date vehicle list. 

PG3+ Technical Specifications

32-bit CPU • ROM 512kb

RAM 32mb • Storage 256mb

Display TFT color 4.3 Touchscreen

Weight 4.8oz • Mini USB Type B (mini-B)



1-24 Units

25-49 Units 50-99 Units 100+ Units