Read and write via OBD the Denso 39199-4ADN0 ECUs installed on Hyundai vans and the Denso 275722-4810 4N14 ECUs on Mitsubishi L200

Work quickly to optimize engine performance and reduce fuel consumption.

Two new OBD protocols allow you to reprogram the Denso 39199-4ADN0 and 275722-4810 4N14 ECUs in the easiest and most reliable way. Work on the 2.5 CRDi engines that equip Hyundai models such as Starex, H1, H300, Huiyi, I800, and on the last generation 2.2 DI-D engine of the iconic Mitsubishi L200.

Focus on ECUs:

  • Denso 39199-4ADN0
  • Denso 275722-4810 4N14
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