Maximize the Potential of Your Vehicle

For past 30 years, we have been designing and developing the best chiptuning tools available to the market. Alientech continues to offer the most complete process for the programming and recalibration of engine and transmission control units.

Pioneers of ECU Remapping

Alientech tools can simplify the often complex process of recalibrating ECUs and TCUs. Over the years we have continued to innovate and engineer the most complete solutions for the chiptuning market.

We won’t limit ourselves to what is possible today, but continue to look into the future with a bold vision for of chiptuning and the support of the chiptuning professional.

New Feature!


DynoDrive is an advanced feature, exclusive to Alientech Suite and KESS3, which allows for calculating and verifying performance while driving a vehicle.

Through the OBD diagnostic port and data acquisition from the integrated GPS module, DynoDrive provides power and torque values of a car that can be exported and compared endlessly on your reserved area.

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Expanding on thirty years of experience and nearly three years of development, the new KESS3 is now the most advanced engineering achievement ever conceived in the Chiptuning Industry. Alientech has made a significant breakthrough to create something unique and extraordinary. The KESS3 has no equal in the market in terms of functions, convenience and versatility.

reinventing chip tuning

ECU/TCU calculations for every vehicle

Alientech simplifies the elaborate recalibration of the ECU’s and TCU’s thanks to solutions that meet precise needs.