KESS3 Slave Tuning Kit

KESS3 Slave Tuning Kit



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What is this? Must provide serial number of the Master KESS3 tool in order for us correctly link your Slave tool


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The Slave version of the KESS3 allows you to read and write files that are supplied to your from the Master version tool. After saving the file, you will email it to the Master tool so they can perform the calibration editing of the file. The modified file will be sent back to you for writing to the ECU, which is also known as FLASHING. During the "flashing" process, the KESS3 will automatically correct the checksum so there are no conflicts with the files.

  • Reading and writing is made easy with our step-by-step picture instructions that are embedded in the tool interface
  • KESS3 automatically updates the AlientechSUITE software every time you connect your tool
  • Easily identify the vehicle you wish to work on through the Menu System of the Alientech SUITE
  • Battery voltage is monitored and displayed during Reading and Writing process
  • Automatically check and clear any diagnostic trouble codes (DTC) in the ECU while writing the new file
  • Automatic Checksum Correction is performed during the writing of Flash File
  • RECOVERY feature is available in case of interruption during flash-write